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Advanced Personal Light & Sound Relaxation System

PROTEUS is a revolutionary new light and sound product that combines a new innovative Bi-Color stimulation technology-another with a powerful set of additional features, all for an unbeatable price. The PROTEUS boasts completely redesigned circuitry, including an advanced processor which is four times faster than the original chipset of the very popular ORION L\S system.

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The PROTEUS includes the following new features:


Please Read our Medical Disclamer.

-NOTICE- Proteus is intended for use as a tool for enhancing consciousness, promoting relaxation and personal growth. The product is not intended for use as a medical diagnostic or therapeutic device, and no medical claims of any sort are made for any of the applications or programs.

Realtime BiColor
 output. PROTEUS controls two color output channels in real time! This means that relaxation frequencies can be set to soothing green, while energizing frequencies are the appropriate red. The PROTEUS comes bundled with Super-Bright "emerald green" and "sapphire red" LEDs, with other color combinations and applications under development. Totally programmable. The PROTEUS uses a simple, yet very powerful Windows-hosted programming tool, available free of charge.

Totally upgradeable. PROTEUS uses advanced Flash memory for both session and operating system data. This means that you can download not only new session groups but that the entire operating system can be upgraded. Future upgrades will include such advanced features as wavetable crossfading; dual binaural beats; BioConnect
real-time biofeedback control, and more.

Wavetable audio. PROTEUS includes stereo audio converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms. You can store up to four different wave-forms in PROTEUS, and we include a FREE audio wave-form editor with every system sold.

Enhanced AudioStrobe
. We've fine-tuned our AudioStrobe decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, intense experience.

100 program capacity. PROTEUS ships with enhanced versions of the original Orion sessions, together with a mix of the "best" programs from other Synetics machine libraries. A total of fifty programs are pre-loaded into PROTEUS when you receive it.

PROTEUS can hold up to 100 programs in nonvolatile memory, as much as machines costing nearly twice as much. In fact, it does more than several machines in the $300-$400 category, yet is much more compact , lightweight, and attractive.
 PROTEUS ships with the following items:
PROTEUS Control Console
Super "Ruby/Emerald" Liteframes
Deluxe headphones
Stereo patchcord
PC-Connect (serial, DB9 to stereo mini) cable
Software Suite and Session Library
Audiostrobe sampler CD


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Please read our Medical Disclaimer
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PROTEUS is manufactured by Synetic Systems  now known as "Mind Place", a pioneer and major force in Light and Sound technology. PROTEUS is a case in point.

Be on the cutting edge of personal consciousness enhancement technology.

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