Light and Sound Review

Mind machines are also referred to as Light and Sound devices, audio visual stimulation equipment, psycho audio stimulators, brain wave machine and those machines with the blinking lights.  We call them Mental Fitness Systems.

Optic-audio-neuro stimulation technology incorporates pulsating light with binaural beats to create brain synchronization. 

The principle behind light and sound is simple.  The lights flicker and the binaural beats are produced by the device.  Depending upon the frequency you select various states of consciousness can be achieved.   The machines are programmable to generate alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma brain waves. 

Shut your eyes when you use the light frames.   When the machine is on, you will see a kaleidoscope of color.   This color is produced by your own brain.  The light from the frames passes through your eye lids.  The light is recognized by the optic nerve and is transmitted to the brain.  The brain takes the information and interprets it.

WOW!  Your Brain At Work - everyone experiences this differently.  EVERYONE has the same reaction - something You Must Experience for yourself!!

Through the headphones you will hear binaural beats.  The machines may be used with SPECIALLY ENCODED CDS to heighten and expand your experience.  Each ear hears a different tone.  The brain takes the tones and synchronizes them into one "sound" that the brain can use to alter consciousness.

You can use the light frames or headphones separately.  If you want to study or extend periods of concentration the headphones can be used independently.   

In our stressful world a consistently remarked upon benefit of light and sound technology is the outstanding relaxation that comes from using the machine.  It has been reported that mind machines can enhance sexual performance.   It is possible to maintain erection for an extended period of time and to achieve multiple organisms. 

Sexual performance is interfered with when an individual is tired, stressed, anxious and apprehensive.  Using audio visual stimulation can reduce these emotions.  As sexual encounters, with the consenting partner of your choice, becomes more and more satisfying both individuals benefit emotionally and spiritually.

Light and sound and its effects on sexual relations is non-addictive, non-intrusive and not medically directed.  There are no pills to swallow, no side effects from pills and best of all the individual improves regains control of their sexual functioning.

Using mind machines helps to identify fantasies and encodes the fantasy into the mind.  As the subconscious mind remembers the fantasy real life events take on new meaning.

Is you partner tense and unresponsive?   Using light and sound devices during sexual intercourse can produce a more relaxed, receptive, open and responsive attitude.

People that have had near death experiences, and out of body experiences, claim that using light and sound devices mimics their experience.  They strive for mental-spiritual advancement.  Mind machines help them achieve their goal. 

As you reprogram your brain waves via light and sound machines you can eliminate jet lag, improve sports performance and improve general wellness and well-being.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of physical, emotional and total being wellness - a mind machine - an exercise machine for the "brain muscle".