How Do Mind Machines Work?

Mind Machines, also known as light and sound devices, are devices for achieving ancient shamanistic experiences and altered states of consciousness.

If you have seen the Blue Man Show at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect from a mind machine.

Ancient rituals and techniques for entering altered states of consciousness involved rhythmic sounds - in the form of drum beats, rattles, clapping or chanting - and flickering lights, produced by sunlight, candles, torches and bonfires.

Mind machines ... light and sound devices ... are highly recommend for those wanting to maximize their potential in all areas of their life.

All mind machines have three basic components: (1) a small often Walkman-sized control unit, (2) goggles that position tiny LED's in front of each eye, and (3) stereo headphones.

The control unit is a sophisticated micro-computer that regulates the intensity and frequency of the flickering lights and rhythmic pulsing sounds. The mind machines on this page have control units programmed to store a variety of 'pre-set' sessions, ranging from sleep to relaxation to heightened concentration to improved learning and others. The devices allow you to define programs and mix and match frequencies, control light intensity and volume.

The first time you use a mind machines the kaleidoscopic stream of brilliant patterns and images produced by the flickering lights will amaze you. The visions that appear can be spectacular. The hues and boldness of colors are intricate. The sensations are similar to participating in a Vision Quest.

Biofeedback researcher Dr. Thomas Budzynski, who uses light and sound machines in his practice and research, has called them ' facilitators of unconscious retrieval'.

How light and sound devices benefit you.

How does something so basic as flickering light and pulsating sound produce profound changes in brain waves and consciousness?

Scientists have found that when the brain is give rhythmic stimuli, such as pulsing lights, the brain waves tend to correspond to the rhythm of the stimulus. Many of the mind machine programs start with faster frequencies and 'ramp down' to progressively slower ones, allowing the user to move into the relaxed 'alpha' and dreamlike 'theta' states.

Slower brain wave frequencies have important benefits, ranging from relaxation to improved learning. The alpha-theta frequencies may be keys to the state of mental lucidity called meditation. When Zen monks were studied it was discovered that those who have meditated longest are the ones who enter these alpha-theta states most readily.

Mind machines are today's answer to ancient ceremonies and rituals. Light and sound devices can induce the same brain wave patterns as shamanistic practices and disciplined Zen meditation. In order to remain healthy in a complex and challenging world we need a tool for achieving profound meditative states, relaxation and concentration quickly and easily.

Mind machines are the way to achieve peak performance, enhanced concentration and learning, relaxation and for those who are willing out of body experiences.