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CES Ultra - Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator (CES)
produced by Neuro-Fitness LLC

A Non Drug Therapy For Treatment Of Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia!

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CES Ultra is a Medical Device (Cranial Electrical Stimulation) that offers a non-drug therapy for the treatment of ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and INSOMNIA (FDA 510k listed claims). 

CES should be used under direction of a licensed health care practitioner. 

CES has been used in numerous countries around the world for over 40 years.  It involves the application of mild microcurrent electrical impulses to the head via electrodes applied behind the ears or by means of ear-clip electrodes.

Multifunction Cranial Electrical Stimulation for the treatment of:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression, and
  • Insomnia.

Individual results will vary, but many patients report significant improvement of their Stress-Related Symptoms over a period of 2 to 3 weeks daily use.  Following the initial series of CES Ultra applications, the device may be used on occasion as needed to maintain the achieved level of improvements.  Normally, CES is used Once or Twice Daily for 30 minutes per session, or longer if desired.

Electrode Selection:

CES Ultra offers two types of electrodes: a pair of comfortable padded Ear Clip Electrodes and a set of Self-Adhesive electrodes.  The pin-connectors on the electrode lead wires can be used with variable size electrodes.  Most CES applications will use the Ear Clip Electrodes.

Pulse Rate Selection and Timers:

CES Ultra features FDA listed 100 hz pulse rate frequency.  This  pulse rate has been used historically in CES devices over the past 30 years. Unit offers three timer selections of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or continuous operation.  In our review of over 100 clinical studies with CES, a treatment time of 45 minutes seems most common.

CES Ultra Benefits:

  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Just imagine the life you could be leading with less anxiety, depression and insomnia.   Get your LIFE back together again. 

Consult with your physician today about using a CES Ultra!

Only $379.00 - Buy It from our Catalog -

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CES Ultra - Only  $379

CES UltraTM is a medical device produced by Neuro-Fitness LLC.  FDA regulations require you to consult your physician to obtain a prescription for its use. When you purchase a CES UltraTM you agree to this requirement.  You agree not to allow anyone else to use the machine.  You also agree to use the machine at your own risk. 

NOTE:  The possible range of benefits listed above are based upon 20 years of experience working with CES Units. See Dr. Charles McCusker's informational CES Research site by clicking here.  Individual results with CES Ultra must be considered personal and subjective.  Typically, individuals will report a range of improvements - from very substantial - to very little.

CES Ultra Unit  Specifications:

  • Power Source: 9 Volt Battery
  • Frequency: 100 Hz.
  • Amplitude: 0-1500 microamps (continuously adjustable skin resistance considered)
  • Wave Shape: Modified Square
  • Pulse Duration: 2 milliseconds (20% duty cycle)
  • Timer Control: Continuous, 30 min. & 45 min.

Also backed by manufacturers one year limited warranty for repair or replacement. You pay only S&H on service in the first year.

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ONLY  $379.00US

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  • 9 volt Alkaline Battery (approx. 20 hours use)
  • LOW Battery Indicator (L.E.D.)
  • Set of Conductive Padded Ear-Clip Electrodes
  • Self-Adhesive Gel Pad Electrodes
  • Lead Wire set with Pin Connectors (for use w / various Electrodes)
  • Small water bottle for saline solution.
  • STURDY Plastic Carrying and Storage Case
  • Registration Warranty Card good for One Year Limited Warranty - Repair or Replacement by the Manufacturer: Neuro-Fitness, LLC.

The $349 fair trade retail price of the CES Ultra is below that of other popular C.E.S. machines, such as the Alpha Stim and Brain Tuner.  Unlike The Brain Tuner, the CES Ultra is backed by extensive scientific research.

The CES Ultra is the only unit on the market that has the original FDA 510K configuration of 100 Hz upon which most of this research is based and as listed by the FDA for treatment of Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia.

For in depth Information on

Other CES Research Data

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